Who is this course for?

Teens who could benefit from leadership fundamentals & self-awareness.

Teens who are, or will be, looking for a job and need to create their resume.

Teens who need a kickstart to be ready for life returning to normal.

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What people are saying about the course:

"This course helped me create a resume that makes me feel confident and professional."

Veronica, Grade11 

"The lessons were easy to understand, and the activities helped get the knowledge into my head. I was glad that the videos were not too long, and I found the lessons very helpful. I learned many new things that I can now implement into my everyday life.  Overall, it was a very good course that taught me new and interesting things."

Ian, Grade 9


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

There's no risk.  Try the course and if you don't get the value you came for, we'll refund your money.  Our kids have been through a lot this past year and a bit, and it's critical that they have all the tools possible to deal with the challenges that lie ahead.  This course is just a small piece to help them get pointed in the right direction. 

Teens are pushing boundaries, searching for identity and independence.

Teenage years are an essential time for leadership development. What a parent does or doesn't do impacts their teen's ability to develop their own leadership potential. The best gift you can give your teen is the skills and mindset of a leader.

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Here's the course outline. 

Access to each section is provided every 2 days.  This gives the student time to complete each section and prevents binging through the whole course.   It's important not to rush and let each section sink in before moving onto the next one.

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Learn at your own pace

The course will be accessible 24-7 for one year.  Learn at your own pace.  Revisit as many times as you want. Use PC, tablet or mobile device.

Downloadable Worksheets

Each lesson is accompanied by downloadable content.  Worksheets and templates reinforce learning the concepts and leaves with student with tangible content.

Build your Resume

We help you distill your experiences into skills and translate those skills into meaningful content for your resume.

Key benefits from this course

 Exposure to leadership concepts at an early age can set a foundation for future success. 

Learning to be proactive, manage time and value teamwork are life-long skills. 

A tangible outcome of this course will be a functioning resume and a self-awareness of skills and experiences.   On that resume will be the completion of this course which can be a talking point in any job interviews. 

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