How confident are you that your interview skills are better than your competitors?

Interview Simulator: FREE 5-Day Challenge

If you're looking to improve your interview skills, you've come to the right place. 

The best way to be ready is to practice.  

Use the Interview Simulator to hear and see questions.  Then prepare and practice your answers.


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Imagine how different your interviews would be if you showed up knowing you were fully prepared.

Step 1: Practice the Day 1 Questions

You can practice these 2 very commonly asked questions right here.  Although they are commonly asked, many candidates seem to be unprepared for them.  But that's not going to be you.

Listen to the questions and try answering them.  You can record your answers on your phone and listen to them to see how you did.  Keep practicing until you have the answer you think works best.

The best way to be ready is to practice.

Hear - See - Speak - Do. Repeat.

Are you ready?


NOTE:  The Interview Simulator repeats each questions twice.  First by a female narrator, then by a male narrator.  For the purposes of maximizing the impact of practicing, you get the hear and see the questions multiple times.  The repetition and variation of voices engages your mind in more ways than hearing the question a single time and in a single voice. When you practice like this, you'll be better prepared.  


Step 2: Prepare for the rest of the questions by reviewing and documenting your career highlights


Use our Career Accomplishments template to document your positions and accomplishments.  Going through this process will help you recall things you've long forgotten.  These memories will be the basis for your interview answers.  

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What users are saying about Interview Simulator:

"I keep finding as I go through more questions that I recall situations from my past jobs that I had forgotten about.  I really like the audible questions in 2 voices.  It somehow triggers me to think differently."


"I just got a second interview for the job I had the initial video interview for. It’s this Friday. I will be busy this week prepping and am glad I have your simulator tool to give me a leg up."

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Each day you'll receive an email with a link to the next set of challenge questions.

NOTE: If you want to move through the challenge quicker than 5 days, you can.  With each day's challenge questions, there is a button to advance to the next day immediately.  Do the challenge at the pace that makes sense to you. 

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