Are your employees responsible for answering the phone?  

Do they know what they're doing?

Are they confident and prepared?

Are they providing a good customer experience?

Set your staff up for success with basic phone skills training

Be confident that your staff are prepared and representing your business the way you expect when they're on the phone with customers.  This simple but important aspect of business is often overlooked.  If neglected, it can lead to stress and anxiety for your staff, and poor experiences for your customers.


Your staff will learn variations of a "hello message" and practice 40 repetitions of answering a call. Practice is the key to getting comfortable and developing skills.  In a short period of time, your staff can experience what would normally take working many shifts to get.

The course reviews 7 categories of common questions that staff can expect to be asked when customers call.  Your staff will know what they need to learn and won't be caught off guard when the phone rings. Simple things like store hours, and directions to your location are common questions.

Ending a call with a genuine "Thank you" goes a long way for building customer relationships.  Your staff will learn how to sign-off from a call and end the interaction with the customer in a friendly, appropriate fashion.  They'll get to practice repetitions of the "Goodbye message".


Each staff member must register individually.  The Course cannot be shared across employees.

Price $9.99/each

Team pricing is available for teams of 5 or more people.  The larger the team, the lower the price per person.

Contact is at [email protected] to discuss package prices.

Price $9.99



100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied that this training delivered value, we'll refund your money.

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