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We're all about helping people unleash their potential.

release from a leash or restraint.
cause to be released or become unrestrained.

adjective: potential
having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future.
noun: potential
latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness.

We offer courses to educate, build skills and solve problems.

Sharing our years of experience and knowledge with people all over the internet is a thrill and a privilege for us.  We aim to be a catalyst for people to grow and tap into their potential.  As human beings, we can persevere, push beyond our current limits and evolve into what we want to be.  Our only limitation is ourselves.  

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Team UYP Origin Story

We all have an origin story.  This is mine.  Why I started Team UYP and what our logo represents.  It's all about helping you unleash your potential.  (it's in our name)


Greg Fisher

Chief Potential Officer & Coach

Hello friends.  I'm Greg and my goal is to help unleash your potential.   

I've had many different work experiences over the last 25+ years and the one constant across all of them has been LEADERSHIP. 

When I think about leadership, I think of imagination and potential.  So, that's what I focus on.  I do lots of different stuff, because I want to, and because I can.  Some people can't see the connection between all the stuff I do.  But it's simple.  The connection is "POTENTIAL". 

I'm exploring mine and I'd love to help you explore your potential.  

"People become great when you treat them in terms of their potential." 

Stephen Covey


My Super Powers


Over the past year as I've explored my own potential I've discovered what my super powers are.  We all have super powers you know.  Things that we're naturally good at.  Things that ignite that spark of passion in us.  The things we enjoy doing, that others enjoy watching us do, and that we do for the pure joy and fulfillment of it.  My super powers are: 

  • Taking Action
  • Making Decisions
  • Learning
  • Creating
  • Moving On

I'd love to use my super powers to help you. To help you discover your own and to help you take action, makes decisions, feel happier, get unstuck and achieve your goals. All it takes is two words:


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My Credentials

I'm officially an Amazon Author

Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude, 2023

I've had the honor of being included in this great collection of stories of gratitude.  My date is June 29.  I've written about my late mother who passed away in 2020. I'm so grateful for everything she taught me and how she continues to be an influence in my life.  I love you Mom!

Gratitude is the best medicine.

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