5 minutes of reflection.

Did you know there is:

     Power is reflection?

     Information in reflection?

     Peace in reflection?

     Wisdom in reflection

If you're in a low mood, or just want to reset your mindset, may I suggest 5 minutes of reflection.  Take once or twice a day, or as often as needed.  


Each video is 5 minutes long and has a different theme.  Every 30 seconds the image changes.  There is soothing background music for you to enjoy.  Lose yourself in the images or keep your eyes shut and just enjoy the music. Allow your mind to settle and become quiet. I hope you find what you need in the reflection.  Enjoy!

If you'd prefer to reflect in silence, visit our page: 5 minutes of silence.

5 Minutes of Silence

Music by Madirfan from pixabay.com


Music by Lemon Music Studio on pixabay.com


Music by Lesfm on pixabay.com


Music by Lesfm on pixabay.com


Music by Madifran on pixabay.com

Thank you for visiting this page.  

My hope is that you get as much from reflecting as I do. 

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