5 minutes of silence.

Did you know there is:

     Power is silence?

     Information in silence?

     Peace in silence?

     Wisdom in silence? 

If you're in a low mood, or just want to reset your mindset, may I suggest 5 minutes of silence.  Take once or twice a day, or as often as needed.  


Each video is 5 minutes long and has a different theme.  Every 30 seconds the image changes.  There is no sound except for the last 10 seconds, to let you know that the 5 minutes of silence is coming to an end.  Lose yourself in the images or keep your eyes shut. Allow your mind to settle and become quiet. I hope you find what you need in the silence.  Enjoy!

If silence isn't your cup of tea, check out 5 minutes of reflection. These videos include soothing background music to help you relax and settle into a quiet and reflective space.

5 minutes of reflection

Thank you for visiting this page.  

My hope is that you get as much from the silence as I do. 

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