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Team Unleash Your Potential offers online courses on a wide variety of topics.  Although Leadership Courses is our main focus, we believe in leveraging experiences that we have in other areas to help people just like you, learn from our experiences, and unleash their potential.  

Sell your home.

Sell for more.

Sell faster.

Target:  Homeowners that are selling their home, or thinking of selling their home. 

Course: Learn how to get the most out of your home by playing up the positives and mitigating the negatives.  You get all the tools and worksheets to manage the entire process.

Price: $299 (there is a FREE Masterclass)

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Introduction to the

Grocery Retail Business 


1) New employees in grocery retail or related business.

2) People looking to get into the grocery retail or related businesses who need to close an experience gap.

3) Students who may be looking at getting into the grocery retail industry.

Course: Get foundational knowledge about the grocery retail business from the context of Product, Promo, Place and Price.  Learn the industry terminology.

Price: $29.99

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Interview Simulator

Target: Anyone who is looking for as job or has an upcoming job interview.

Course:  Practice your interview skills by simulating the experience. 

Hear - See - Speak - Do.  Repeat.

The best way to be ready is to practice. 

Are you ready?

Price:  Free - 5 Day Challenge; , $19.99 full product

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Leadership for Teens

Course:  Begin your leadership journey.  Learn about paradigms, self-awareness, time management and build your resume.  We even host your personal webpage.  

Price: Now $99

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Team UYP is on multiple platforms.  We invite you to connect with us wherever you're most comfortable.

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