Resources designed to get you back to work.

LIke many of you I've been impacted several times, across several companies, by restructuring, downsizing, right sizing and whatever else they call it when businesses discard loyal, productive, unsuspecting employees in the name of progress.  These days its seems inevitable that everyone will go through this experience at least once in their career.  There are a couple key insights that helped me. 

1) You have innate worth. You're worth is not dependent on your job, or your pay cheque. 

2) The power of "maybe". Losing your job could be the worst thing that ever happened. - Maybe.  Or, losing your job could be the best thing that ever happend. - Maybe.  If you're not familiar with Alan Watts video about the Chinese Farmer, I encourage you to check it out and reflect in its message. 

What this page isn't:

This page is not a job board, or a guide to job searches, recruiting or the like. 

What this page is:

This page is a resource for you to prepare for interviews, the last hurdle before you can get back to work.

These resources can be thought of in 2 buckets:

1) BEING: A focus on mindset, feeling and connection.

2) DOING: Practicing & Preparing - Doing the work that is necessary to stand out in your interviews so you are the clear choice. 

If you're not open minded to seeing new things, this page is not for you.  If you're not willing to practice and do the work, this page is not for you. 

This isn't personal, it's just about alignment and value.

If you're still here, welcome! You've taken the first step and are one step closer to getting back to work.  


The first and most important element to being successful in a job interview is how you're "being".

"Your brand is the feeling you leave people with." - Jamie Smart

That feeling is a direct reflection on your being.  

Watch this short video to be introduced to this concept.



The one thing that can support your "being" with the most leverage, is your prepartion. When you're prepared will be confident, calm, ready for any questions they throw at you. You'll know you put in the work and you've got this. 

On the other hand, if you wing it and hope for the best, you're gambling.  An just like real gambling, the house rarely loses.  

Being between jobs is tough in many ways, don't make it tougher than it needs to be. Do the work! 


Know Yourself

For me, the whole process of knowing yourself is key to a successful interview. It seems counter intuitive to have to work at knowning yourself, after all it's you, surely you already know. Except what I'm talking about is deeper than that.  You need to know your work history, the projects you worked on, your accomplishments and you need to be able to ariculate it all as stories that are engaging, brief, and that demostrate how you can be a valuable asset to a prospective new employer. This work needs to be deliberate and it takes time and effort. 

Watch the video and download the free template, then get to work. 

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Interview Simulator

The best way to be ready is to practice. With Interview Simulator you can practice 67 questions across 19 skills/experience categories, both narrated by a female interviewer and a male interviewer.  Don't waste your time searching for questions when we've already compiled them for you. You're far better off spending your time practicing your answers. 

Hear - See - Speak - Do - Repeat.  Are you ready?

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5-Day Challenge

The best way to be to experience the benefits of Interview Simulator is to practice with it.  Try our 5-Day Challenge.  You'll get our top 10 questions, asked 2 per day and you can see first-hand how hearing the questions, seeing the questions, speaking your answers out loud, doing a review of your answers and repeating the process, will get you ready for your interview. If you're better prepared than your competition, you're more likely to succeed. 

Note: You can fast track through the challenge at your own pace.

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There's lots of stuff I'm great at doing on my own but I always find that I'm able to take things to a higher level when I work with someone else. Stephen Covey calls it synergy, others call it collaboration, hive mind etc.  I know that when I'm connected with another person (or persons), I'm able to have insights and ideas that I never would have had on my own.  This is the basis for coaching. If you'd like additional support to prepare for your interviews, I have a few options you can explore: 

1) Open Office Hours

2) Group Coaching

3) 1:1 Coaching

Set up a call with me to learn more. 

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Good Luck. Be prepared. Be calm. Be you.